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What is Glamping


So we’ve all heard the phrase but what exactly does Glamping mean? 

Ask the question to one hundred different people and you’ll probably get one hundred different answers. The word is derived from the phrase ‘glamorous camping’, think back to the times when people went camping in tents that’s leaked, ate pot noodles to survive and went home miserable after thoroughly depressing weekend. If you wanted to stay dry it would be a caravan with it’s drab beige interiors and bustling style holiday parks.

Then came along something different, an idea......a step up. 

People started to realise that they could offer the experience of the great outdoors but in a much more luxurious environment. Out with the Eurohike tents and in with the Canvas Bell Tents and Mongolian Yurts, things began to become much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, people could eat and cook outdoors, there was space to relax and unwind....Glamping was born.

Since the early days the industry has grown, it’s a massive worldwide phenomenon now and people would often experience a Glamping break over the more traditional ‘hotel city break’. The types of accommodation offered now is diverse and almost unbelievable, you have tree huts, shipping containers, buses, shepherds huts, log cabins and domes all kitted out with the luxury mod cons that make a Glamping holiday such an enjoyable experience.

What do we think Glamping is? Well it’s all of the above that’s for sure but we think it’s deeper than’s a mindset, its an approach to life, a ‘do it with bubbles and bunting’ feel good factor that runs through your veins in once you’ve experienced it.

So Go Glamping, you could hire some accommodation for the weekend for family or friends or just grab your tent, some fairy lights, bunting and some nice food to have a great weekend’s up to you but remember to do it in style!