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The Frontier Stove Review

Mid October saw us receiving a call from Camping Solutions asking if we'd like to write a review of their product the 'Frontier Stove'. After a chat about the history of the product, delivery was arranged - now all we had to do was find a suitable excuse to get into 'the great outdoors' and take it for a spin.

Being October and not really typical Glamping weather a fishing trip was arranged. The Frontier Stover is marketed for any outdoor activity and we were told it is portable enough to carry around with ease - it can also be used more permanently inside a Yurt or Tent if installed correctly.

Delivery was swift as promised and two days later we were in proud possession of the Frontier Stove, the box was smaller than expected and we popping it onto the scales we can confirm that it does weigh in at the 11.15 KG stated on the box.

Unpacking and assembly

The Frontier Stove doesn't come with any instructions, we were told that basically if you couldn't assemble it you probably shouldn't be using it, this was the case and we managed to assemble it in around 5 minutes .We opted to only use three sections of the flue but with the further additional two sections the flue should easily extend out of most tents on the market.

An additional guard to stop the hot embers falling on the ground was a nice touch, as was the latch on the door which enabled you to adjust how open you had the door in use.

In action

Being a fishing trip we decided to keep the fuel simple and picked up a bag of standard logs from a local garage, foraging for some kindling nearby and using a couple of fire lighters soon had the Frontier Stove fire going, with temperatures set to drop below freezing that night we were looking forward to the additional heat it would provide.

The Frontier Stove soon heated up and we were able to easily boil water on it throughout the afternoon, closing the door and adjusting the flue provided more heat to the cooking surface but we opted to keep the door open and enjoy the view of the naked flames nearby.

As the night drew in we kept the Frontier Stove topped up and cooking on it was no problem at all, since going on the trip we have found out the removable insert in the cooking surface is actually designed to hold a wok - this is again a nice touch and I'm sure we will be digging the wok out for the next trip.

We pulled the Frontier Stove further into the tent for the night ahead, no smoke filled the tent and we can see the possibility ofmodifications to the tent to enable the flue to be directed through the roof, we found a number of internet sites that offer solutions on tent modifications and it's something we will probably look into next year.


A great piece of kit, not only does if offer the practical benefits of warmth and cooking but it's also great to have around and everyone loves an open fire - especially on a cold Autumn night!

Would we recommend it for Glamping.....yes, for any trip outside where you want to cook and sit around an open fire.....certainly, a more permanent fixture in a Yurt or's ideal.

For the summerhouse in the garden that I still haven't got around to year maybe!

  • The Frontier Stove Review

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