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Doorstep Discovery Series – Go Glamping in Wales

This week we return from our adventures in Wales to look at some top reasons to get set for Glamping in Cymru.

The Coastline

Absolutely love a coastal walk, but for some reason we never thought of Wales as being a prime location for this. Well it turns out it is! From Queensferry in North Wales to Chepstow in the south the country is blessed with 870 miles of truly spectacular coastline to link the two from one end to the other. This beautiful route offers the visitor everything from family friendly walks to some serious hiking... That and about a million different amazing views!

The Beaches

Of course you can’t walk the walk along the coast without stumbling across a few beaches. In fact don’t even stumble, go find them, because some of the best beaches in the UK happen to be in Wales. So if like us you fancy bobbing around in the sea at all times of year, or if you’re a bit more sensible and just fancy getting some sand on your soles and soaking up some sun, with more than 120 beaches  recommended in the good beach guide Wales will not let you down. As a tip, the Gower Peninsula or the Pembrokeshire Coast has our favourites.

The Castles

Castles are filled with magic and mystery, and it is almost impossible to travel around Wales without one coming into view. In all there are an incredible 641 castles to be found all across Wales, some of which are the finest medieval buildings in all of the UK. Maybe in years gone by these may have been places to avoid in fear of archers and the like, but today these magnificent structures are open for visitors to explore and learn about some of the amazing stories from the countries past.

The Mountains

If you think that castles are stunning then you should try a visit a few of Wales’ dramatic mountain ranges! Forged over 10,000 years ago during the last Ice Age these mammoths of the landscape form part of the countries incredible visual character. Between them the Black Mountains, the Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia attract people from all over the world and offer everything from a great photo opportunity to the challenge of a lifetime!

The Food

With all the exploring to be done there is plenty of excuse to indulge in some tasty treats. Top of the bill here is bara brith, a sweet sticky fruitcake served with a good helping of creamy butter. Other home grown items on the menu could also include Cawl, a broth of lamb, potatoes and leeks, Welsh Lamb, Welsh Cake, and of course the countries own take on cheese and toast, Welsh Rarebit. Of course this is just a sample of our favourite Welsh dishes, so be sure to explore and find some more of your own.

The Sport

So we know that Wales has its own culinary delights for us visitors to enjoy, and even take away, but for the people of Wales there is one meal that they crave more than any other and this is the bread of heaven. Sung at every match the Welsh national rugby team play this song is an anthem for the nations favourite past time. In fact sport is a really big deal in Wales right now with the Races at Cheptsow, the Welsh National Rally, The Ryder Cup, and European Championship Qualifiers all joining the RBS Six Nations as some of the highlights on the sporting calendar.  

The Activities

Ok where to start. Like everywhere walking is a big draw but there is simply so much to do in Wales so here’s a quick list of things we’ve found. Abseiling, Archery, Bog Snorkelling (yep, that’s a thing), Bushcraft, Canoeing, Caving, Coasteering, Gorge Walking, Horse Riding, Mountain Biking, Paintballing, Quad Biking, Raft Building, Rock Climbing, Surfing , Yacht Racing, and our favourite, Zip Lining. Honestly it’s not for the faint hearted but Zip World in North Wales is home to the northern Hemispheres longest wire based adventure attraction, and it’s awesome!!!

Have a look:  

The Festivals

So apparently Wales have officially been putting on festivals since 1176 and they even have their own word, Eisteddfod, to describe events that consist of literature, music and performance. Apparently the closest word in English is ‘session’, and across Wales this year there will be plenty of people having those at Hay, Green Man, Laugherne, and Wakestock festivals.  Add to that the numerous foods, poetry, comedy and even quilt making festivals happening in 2016 and we clearly see that the Eisteddfod scene is thriving in Wales!

The Culture

A visit to Wales shows that the countries culture is diverse to say the least, and from traditional to modern the arts play a key role in shaping this identity through language, writing, music, song and dance, but there is much, much more.  As Visit Wales put it ‘Mother nature shaped Wales as a country full of visual drama and splendour. Then human beings added a million stories – of druids, castles and conflict; of industry and innovation. This is a country steeped in history with a vibrant 21st century culture; and there’s nowhere else in the world quite like it’.

The fact that it’s got it all!

So, Wales has got a lot going for it and there is definitely a load to do here, but sometimes you just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet, right? Well here’s more good news. Across the Glamping Community there are dozens of places to suit this purpose. So whether you’re planning on climbing Snowdon or just want to kick back and enjoy the unspoilt natural beauty of this stunning country whilst sipping on a nice glass of Penderyn Whiskey (other refreshments are available), then have a look at all of our affiliated Welsh Glampsites here

Many thanks to the image provided by Dinas Glamping in Snowdonia

  • Doorstep Discovery Series – Go Glamping in Wales

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